The Enrico Fermi Center has a relevant expertise in terms of development and optimization of processing methods, simulation and modelling of MRI and MRS data, including a specific experience in automated pipelines and distributed computing approach applied to MRI.

Charles River is one of the leading Companies in experimental animal production worldwide with a subsidiary based in Finland specialized in preclinical drug testing. This unit is the largest research facility in the world in preclinical efficacy and drug testing in neurological animal models possessing expertise in MRI, PET, SPECT/CT, behavioral testing and histology.

The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research is one of the world leading centers for MRI technical advancement. The involved researchers have extended experience in relaxations during radiofrequency irradiation and development of non-invasive contrast methods for MRI, utilizing theoretical modeling and experiments which exploit different relaxation pathways in vivo at different magnetic field strengths. These theoretical and practical expertises at CMRR (and the large facilities there available) will allow the development, optimization and testing of innovative MR approaches for the assessment of microstructural brain damage

The Biomedical Imaging Unit of Univertisty of Eastern Finland involved in this project serves as national infrastructure for experimental MRI. This unit has long-term expertise in developing rotating frame based MRI contrast in collaboration with CMRR. It has also long lasting collaboration with CR and has trained all the imaging scientists currently working at CR in preclinical imaging. One of the special expertise areas exploited here is the combination of MRI and tissue characterization with advanced histology and EM techniques.

The Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) is a scientific center focused on life sciences, advanced materials and technologies, where extensive expertise in the field of neurosciences is available. In the clinical research, CEITEC collaborates with two largest University Hospitals in Moravia region. The deep clinical expertise of researchers will play a fundamental role in the translation of developed methods to clinical imaging studies