Maria Giovanna Di Trani

Maria Giovanna Di Trani earned a Master's degree in Physics from Sapienza University of Rome in 2016 with a thesis on diffusion MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis. She is currently enrolled in the PhD course in Morphogenesis and Tissue Engineering and studies different diffusion MRI for prostate cancer identification and grading. She worked on ex-vivo experiments for validation of diffusion models, such as Kurtosis and Anomalous Diffusion. Moreover, she is interested in prenatal imaging, studying brain development in fetuses and ventriculomegalias. Since July 2018 she has been working for the Enrico Fermi Centre and from January 2019 she will move to the Centre for Magnetic Resonance Resonance Research (CMRRR) in Minneapolis as an exchange student of the European RISE project. The aim of this project will be to study human brain aging with diffusion techniques, particularly sensitive to tissue microstructures, and to compare diffusion investigation outcomes with functional MRI data.